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Giedre Jackyte

Giedrė Jackyte, is a Lithuanian dancer, actress, model and entrepreneur. She started her career at a young age in Karate Kyokushin by competing in youth nationals in Lithuania. With a foundation in the martial arts, she realized her love for performing arts and started training in contemporary dance and acting. At the age of 19, Giedrė moved to London to study in the University of Roehampton’s internationally renowned dance program to which she was awarded a Dance BA (Hons) degree. In 2017 Giedrė also studied at the UK’s leading drama school, Identity School of Acting, where she deepened her knowledge and experience in acting. Giedrė is also an alumni at Urban MBA Enterprise training program where she received an OCN Level 2 Award in Progression – Advanced Project Management Certificate. In 2017 Giedrė also founded a women’s only dance company called ‘Global Juno Women in Dance’ (you can find more information at ) and launched it in 2018. In 2018 ‘Global Juno Women in Dance’ became a beneficiary for Derwent Community funding through Urban MBA. Determined to satisfy her hunger for learning and improvement, in addition to teaching, acting, dancing and modeling, Giedrė is also adding to her portfolio of skills Eskrima, which is a Filipino Martial Arts form, to which she utilizes and adapts her skills to progress her career in TV/Film and Stage.