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T.J. Cummings


T.J. Cummings made his debut in Rescue 69-11 (featuring Brad Michaels) at 16, presumably in a non-pornographic role. He would then start performing in 1999 for various gay and transsexual films, including Lords of the Lockerroom. Around 2000, Nick began performing in primarily hetero pictures, with different bisexual roles and gay flicks. His physique grew considerably during the early 2000s and is noted for his muscular figure. Cummings had gone on to state that he wouldn't star in any more gay pornographic films after 2000 and focus entirely on straight pornographic films. In 2009, Cummings was in a video showing his impressive physique to dance and electronic songs. Cummings had a prolific career in the straight porn industry, having performed with known actors such as Gianna Michaels, Kendra Lust, and Asa Akira. He has retired since then.