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Billy Chong (born Willy Dozan, February 10, 1957, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia) is an Indonesian martial artist of Chinese descent. His acting career started in 1977 when he was offered a role in Indonesia action movie, Pembalasan Si Pitung (Pitung's Revenge). He then continued acting in several action movies in Indonesia, Hong Kong and the United States. Some of the most notable ones are Crystal Fist and A Fistful of Talons. In 1995, he became a household name in Indonesia after a hit TV series Deru Debu. He directed most of the episodes of this TV series. He also starred, directed, and produced another hit TV series Sapu Jagad (2000). Billy Chong married Indonesian popstar Betharia Sonata, but they divorced in 2002. The couple has two children, Mohammad Leon Rahman Dozan and Nabila Rahman Dozan.