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Patricia Alphin


Smoulderingly beautiful, soulful-eyed Hollywood glamour girl of the 1940s, nicknamed 'Peaches'. She grew up in Burbank, California, the daughter of a motion picture sound engineer, one of three siblings. Peaches graduated from high school and started out as model, participating in the local beauty pageant scene and advertising anything from bread to bathing suits. Like so many hopeful Hollywood aspirants, Peaches had ambitions of becoming a movie star from early childhood. Through her dad she was able to 'get in on the ground floor': as a messenger in the mailroom at Universal-International. There, she was purportedly 'discovered' and promptly signed under contract in 1946 to be groomed as a starlet. However, despite her stunning looks, genuine stardom was to elude Peaches. Most of her tenure in films was spent in (primarily decorative) 'no-name' roles or uncredited bit parts. In 1949, she married Jack Moorman, a former classmate and football player, settled in Granada Hills and raised two children. She divorced Moorman in the mid-70s. As 'Peaches Moorman', she moved to Oregon in 2006 where she devoted her remaining years to dance recitals, art and history.